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Welcome to Car-Battery.org

We want to thank John Rose, the auto mechanic who provides us with lots of useful information. We use this information for writing the articles that you can find on our website. Without a shadow of a doubt, without all his help this project would never come to existence.

On this website we post information concerning car batteries. We hope car owners will find this information useful. We post articles concerning the peculiarities of car batteries usage and maintenance. We also provide car owners with some very useful tips and recommendations. We’ve recently created a new section on our website. This is the section where car owners can share their opinions concerning car batteries and leave a feedback about any particular car battery.

Our project is new and it’s rapidly developing. If you didn’t find information you were looking for or feedbacks concerning a particular car battery you want to know more about, you’re welcome to write us a letter. We’ll try to solve the problem and post an article thus providing you with the information you want to get as soon as possible. If you think that our website is very useful, we encourage you to share this your opinion with us. It’s very important for us to know what our users think about our website.

Thank you for your time and interest you’ve shown in our website.

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