Car Battery EverStart Maxx 100 by Walmart Reviews

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Technical Specifications of EverStart Maxx 100 by Walmart

EverStart Maxx by Walmart Car Battery Reviews, Group Size 100

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  1. My acquaintance recommended me to buy this car battery. He had a different car battery of the same manufacturer. The first thing that I liked about the car battery is its price. Frankly speaking, I expected that the car battery will function properly for 1 year or a bit more (considering the money I paid for it). It’s been more than 2 years now since the car battery was bought. It still functions properly and keeps its charge.

  2. Very good automotive battery. I keep the level of the car battery charge under control and I charge it regularly. The first time the need for charging occurred 7 months after the car battery was bought. The car battery keeps its charge for approximately 3 months or maybe a bit more. However, I try to keep its charge level high. I definitely recommend buying this car battery, especially considering the fact that the price is not high.

  3. I don’t believe the positive feedbacks considering this car battery. My son and I bought this model for our cars. In both cases, the service life of the car batteries didn’t last even for 2 years. The first car battery died 1,5 years after it was bought. The 2nd car battery died 2 months before its warranty period was to be over. We decided not to exchange the car batteries but buy better car batteries.

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