Car Battery EverStart Maxx H6 by Walmart Reviews

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Car Battery EverStart Maxx H6 by Walmart Reviews

Technical Specifications of EverStart Maxx H6 by Walmart

EverStart Maxx by Walmart Car Battery Reviews, Group Size H6


  1. This car battery functions on my Toyota just perfectly! The price is great. This car battery is cheaper than the one I was offered at the car service center. It’s easy to install the car battery on the car – its size matches ideally. I’ve been using the car battery for 6 months and I haven’t faced any problems yet. Definitely recommend!

  2. I want to thank the manufacturer for this amazing car battery. When my Chevrolet was brand new, I tried to buy only original spare parts. Now, my car is more than 8 years old. It means that I can relax and experiment a bit. This car battery is 100% what I need. It functions perfectly and I’ve not noticed any problems. It’s great that the price of this car battery is several times lower than the prices on the car batteries produced by other manufacturers.

  3. Hello everyone. This car battery is installed on my car as an additional battery. I have 2 car batteries installed on my car. Both of them function just great. I’m satisfied with my purchase. The thing that I like most of all about the car battery is its price.

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