How To Charge A Car Battery Without Charger?

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There are several ways to charge a car battery without charger. The most popular way is to charge a car battery with another car. If there is no such opportunity, there are other ways to do it. Of course, the best way is to buy a charging device since this way of charging your car battery is the safest and most effective. Anyway, if you are going to charge your car battery without a charging device or there is simply no opportunity to buy or borrow a charging device, you should be very careful about it.

How To Charge A Car Battery At Home Without Charger

In order to figure out how to charge a car battery you need to remember the main characteristics of a car battery that is voltage and capacity. The voltage of any car battery is 12 V. The capacity amounts to 40-100 Ah. That’s why we’ll need the power supply unit that/ at least, has the voltage of 14 V and the capacity of 2-5 A. We’ll also need a device that will create certain resistance. You can take a resistor or a 12 V bulb. If there is no resistance, either the power supply unit or the car battery is likely to be out of order. In order to have control over the process it is necessary to put ammeter or multimeter in the circuit. In order to connect all the devices into one electrical circuit you’ll need copper wires, soldering iron, a solder and an insulating tape.

how can i charge my car battery without a charger

Before you start working, make sure that you know how the work should be done. Otherwise, there may be a danger to your safety and you may hurt yourself. If you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s better to buy a charging device or bring your car battery to any car maintenance center where it will be charged. While charging your car battery yourself, follow the precaution measures and constantly keep the process under control since there is no limit here and, consequently, there is a risk of overcharging the battery. This will have a negative influence on its characteristics. While a battery is being charged, there is explosive gas being emitted inside it. The gas may explode is there is even one weak spark. That’s why we recommend you to have a fire extinguisher at hand and keep the car battery away from the fore and its sources. If you want to charge your car battery at home, under no condition should you smoke in the room where you are going to do it. It’s necessary to constantly air the room.

Charging A Car Battery With A Laptop’s Charging Device.

how to charge car battery without charger

In this case you will need a laptop’s charging device, a bulb, a resistor and copper wires. The picture below is the scheme that shows how to make a charging device yourself with the help of a laptop’s charging device. In order to make it, you need to strip two wires from a laptop’s charging device – positive and negative wires. The positive wire should be inside while the negative one should be outside. After that, you connect the negative wire to the negative output of your car battery. Then, you connect either the bulb or the resistor to the gap area. It is better to use a resistor here since you will be able to change the level of resistance then.

How To Charge A Car Battery At Home Without Charger From The Network of 220 V

how to charge my car battery without a charger

Here is one more way to change a car battery without a special charging device. It is very much like the previous way. However, there are some differences. You don’t need an adapter to connect the charging device to a power source. It’s connected directly to a socket. You use a 220 V incandescent bulb as a resistor. In order to turn alternating current into direct current you need a diode bridge. You can see the scheme of the device and how everything is connected below.

Those people who don’t know the basics of electrical engineering and have no experience of working with electricity are not recommended to use the last two ways of charging a car battery without a charging device. There is a risk of you having burnt power supply unit, blown fuses and the car battery out of order as a result. Still, the most important thing here is that it may be dangerous. That’s why, in case you feel unsure of your skills and knowledge, it’s better to buy a special charging device. Then, you will be able to successfully charge your car battery without any danger to your life.

What Are Other Ways Of Charging A Car Battery Without A Charging Device?

There are several more ways to charge a car battery. The first way is when you drive your car at usual speed but gear down. In this case, it is also necessary to turn off all the devices that discharge the battery (air conditioner, the headlamps, etc.). This way the engine of your car will work at increased RPM and the intensity of the alternator’s current output will increase. Of course, this is not good for the engine. Besides, this way of charging will result in an increased fuel usage rate. Still, it can be done once as a temporary measure.

There is one more, unusual way of “bringing your car battery back to life”. It is useful to remember since there may be a situation when you are alone and quite far from city. Here you will need a bottle of dry wine. Open the bottle and pour 1/3 pint of wine right into the car battery so that to enable a fast going oxidation reaction between the electrolyte and the alcohol. This will help you increase the voltage and decrease the resistance of your car battery. Consequently, the battery will produce current. Attention! You should use this way of charging only if there is nothing else left and this is your only option. The thing is that you can’t use the car battery that you poured wine into anymore. You will have to buy a new one.


  1. I experimented a lot with my first car. I tried charging the car battery installed on it in different ways. I didn’t have much money at that time and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my car. That’s why I tried charging the car battery installed on it without the battery charger. There is only one thing I can say – it’s not worth it. Of course, if there is an urgent situation, you can charge your car battery from a different car. As for all the rest ways of charging a car battery, they are not worth it.

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