How To Clean Corrosion Off A Car battery?

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Very often, car owners notice white covering on the battery terminals when using a car battery for a long time. How do you remove the covering and prevent the battery terminals corrosion in future? Firstly, let’s find out what the reasons for the corrosion are. The following reasons are the main reasons for the corrosion.

How To Clean Corrosion On Car Battery Terminals

how to clean the corrosion off of a car battery

1. The condition of a car battery (the leakage of electrolyte). Very often, the leakage of electrolyte happens when a car battery is recharged. The most possible reason here may have to do with the alternator and your battery charging circuit. The leakage may, as well, be caused by the incorrect density of electrolyte and the circuit fault of a battery’s cells. Also, you need to consider the condition of your car battery’s shell. As a rule, the leakage happens because of cracks and slits that may appear on it.

Battery terminal corrosion often occurs due to the fact that electrolyte gets on a battery terminal through the slit near a battery’s contact. In the majority of cases, such like slit appears because a battery terminal vibrates or gets unstrung inside the shell of a battery.

2. Defects in the electricity supply network of your car. The main reason for such like defects may be a bad contact between a battery terminal and the contact of a car battery. Besides, the defects may occur because of bad contacts in the relay, the relay stack and other narrow places where there is wiring.

how to clean corrosion off car battery

3. The vents of the cell jars of a battery being clogged up may result in the pressure of the electrolyte inside a car battery being increased. Consequently, the electrolyte may leak through the holes through that it shouldn’t be leaking.

As a rule, the corrosion is the sign of that you’ll soon need to change a car battery. No matter what the reasons for the electrolyte leakage may be, it has a negative influence not only on your health, but also on the condition of your car.

How To Clean The Corrosion Off Of A Car Battery

how to get corrosion off car battery

Removing corrosion from a car battery step-by-step.

  • 1. Get a pair of safety gloves. You need to put them on before you start working since the chemicals may have a bad influence on the condition of your skin.
  • 2. Disconnect your car battery. It is very important to disconnect the wires from the negative plate of the battery post before you start removing the corrosion. If you disconnect the positive plate first, you may be struck with electricity or be badly burnt if the instrument you use, accidentally, touches either the post or the metal surface of your car. In case it’s difficult for you to disconnect the wires, try twisting them till they get disconnected. The corrosion may make it difficult for you to disconnect the wires. Still, it is possible to do it if you impose enough force.
  • 3. Remove the corrosion from your car battery. Once the positive plate of the battery post is disconnected, you may focus on removing the corrosion.
    The ways of removing car battery corrosion.

how to prevent corrosion on car battery

– The best way to get rid of the corrosion is to use the soda solution. You only need a glass of water and a teaspoon of soda to prepare it. Take the solution and pour it, carefully, on the area that is corroded. Alternatively, you can take an old toothbrush, dip it in the solution and clean the battery from the corrosion. While removing the corrosion, you may notice that there is heat-liberating boiling process going on. You’d better remove the corrosion carefully and have a small container nearby. You need to put the container so that the drops of the solution don’t get on the body parts of your car. If it is possible, you’d better take the car battery out and clean it with the help of the solution, for example, in the garage or somewhere else. The idea is to keep your car safe from the possible damage.

– One more popular way that’s quite easy is to use a can of Coca-Cola. It will remove the corrosion as well. Still, this way is not that much efficient.

– You can find several solutions for cleaning corroded areas in any car parts shop. They all are, to some extent, efficient.

    • 4. Clean the battery terminals. Once the corrosion is removed from the battery itself, you get to cleaning the battery terminals. Take either a scratch wire brush or a toothbrush and a soda solution. While cleaning the battery terminals, pay attention to the contacts that connect the battery terminals with the battery posts. If you have a small brush, use it. The solution will froth and remove the corrosion in several minutes. Then, wash the solution off with a small amount of water.

how to clean corrosion off a car battery

  • 5. Once you finish removing the corrosion, connect your car battery to your car. If you used a soda solution for removing the corrosion, remember to wash it off. Then, wipe dry the car battery, the area around it, the battery terminals and the battery posts. Now you can connect the car battery. Do not forget that you should start with connecting the positive battery terminal. Only then, you connect the negative one.

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