Costco Car Battery Interstate MT5 Reviews

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Costco Car Battery Interstate MT5 Reviews

Read Car Battery Interstate MT5 Reviews

Technical Specifications of Car Battery Interstate MT5

Costco Car Batteries Interstate MT5 Reviews

Prices and Warranty Information of Car Batteries Interstate MT5

Brand Interstate Interstate Interstate
Model MT5-48/H6 MT5-94R/H7 MT5-49/H8
Group Size H6 H7 H8
Warranty 30-month 30-month 30-month
Actual Price 253$ 260$ 281$

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  1. I bought this car battery in costco to replace my old battery. I’ve been using it for less than 2 months and I’ve already faced with some problems. I didn’t use my car during the weekend. Still, I failed to start the engine on Monday. I had to charge the car battery all night long. At present, I have to charge the battery almost every day. If the temperature outside is a little bit below zero, I have to bring the car battery home. Otherwise, I won’t be able to start the engine in the morning. I’m very disappointed with the car battery I bought.

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