How To Hook Up A Car Battery?

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A car battery is the car equipment that you have to change from time to time. However, it’s not always necessary to go to a maintenance center to do it. How do you install a new car battery? The procedure of replacing an old car battery for a new one is quite simple. In the majority of cases, a car owner is capable of doing it himself or herself within half an hour. So you’ve bought a new car battery.

how to connect a car battery

The only thing left is to take out your old car battery and, instead of it, install the one you bought. What exactly it is that you need to do? If you are an experienced car driver, you, for sure, know what to do. If you are a beginner yet, you need to take the car owner’s manual and read through the chapter on where the car battery is located and how it is held fixed. After it, it will be easier for you to do it. Actually, everything is quite simple.

How To Connect A Car Battery

Before you start working, you need to get the necessary instruments. As a rule, 2 spanner wrenches are enough. The one should be a 10 mm pin-face wrench and the other one should be a 13 mm l-shaped wrench (together with tommy bar). However, look through the corresponding chapter in the car owner’s manual. Maybe, the battery terminals in your car as well as the battery itself are held fixed with the help of different nuts and screws.

how to connect car battery

Now, you can open the hood of your car and find the battery in there. As a rule, it is located in either right or left corner, on a special shelf. You haven’t found it? Look through the chapter in the car owner’s manual and you will easily find the car battery.

You have found the battery and all the necessary instruments are at hand. It’s time to think of what you need to do in order o keep yourself safe. Turn off all the electri8cal devices and put the ignition key inside the pocket of your clothes. If you need to take out the old battery, read through the corresponding article on how to turn off a car battery. If the old battery has already been taken out, have a look at the shelf where it was located. Clean the dirt and throw away the rubbish, if there is any. Strip the inner surface of the wires’ tips using a piece of sine grit sandpaper. This way you’ll be able to establish a better connection with the battery terminals and spare yourself from a number of problems that may occur later on. Moreover, you need to work the wires up with water-repellent liquid right after you finish stripping the inner surface of their tips.

how to hook up a car battery

You’d better strip the terminals of the new battery you bought as well. Then, you can install it. Install the battery onto the same place where the old one was located. Put the pressure plate over it and tighten up the nuts (Do not overdo with it. If you impose more force than it’s necessary, there is a risk of damaging the battery). Now, you get to the wires.

How To Connect Jumper Cables To A Car Battery

You start with connecting the positive wire (the red one). Once you effectively connect the wire to the battery terminal, you do the same with the negative wire (the black one).

Is the tip of a wire loose or, vice versa, you are unable to put it on a battery terminal? Actually, such things happen. You might mix up either the positive and the negative wires or the battery terminals. That’s why the battery terminals of a car differ in diameter. Therefore, even if you mixed up the battery terminals, you’ll be unable to fasten the tips on them.

That’s it. Your new car battery is ready for use. If you charged it beforehand, you can drive your car right away.

How To Install a Car Battery

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