How to Prolong Car Battery Life

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In order to prolong the service life of your car battery and make it function properly during all this time, you need to follow a set of simple rules. If you follow all the rules, you won’t have to often think about buying a new battery for your car.

Easy Rules Help to Prolong Car Battery Life

how to prolong car battery life

1. Any car battery should be kept clean. You need to regularly clean it off dust using a non-metallic brush. You also need to clean the ventilation holes. If you don’t do it, your car battery will discharge fast. You may clean the surface of your car battery from time to time so that to clean it off oil and other dirt. You do it with the help of a cloth that is soaked in a 10% solution of ammonia.

2. You need to necessarily check battery terminals and tighten them up if required. There may occur white bloom on the areas where the car battery terminals are connected to the battery. It has a bad effect on the electrode conductance. You need to get rid of this white bloom. In order to do it, you may, for example, use a solution of water and sodium or rust-preventing agents. If you need to disconnect battery terminals, you start with disconnecting the negative battery terminal first. Once you clean them, you need to connect them to your car battery only after they get dry.

3. It’s important to regularly check the specific gravity and level of the electrolyte in your car battery. From time to time, you need to pour distilled water in it, especially if the weather is hot. In order to prevent the case of the plates’ corrosion, they should always be sunk in the electrolyte otherwise they will be destroyed fast.

how to prolong car battery life

4. At the same time, you should remember that there shouldn’t be too much electrolyte. The best variant is when the level of the electrolyte amounts to 0,79 inches above the upper edge of the plates. You should keep your car battery safe from mechanical damage. The thing is that it may result in the electrolyte leaking out of your car battery, the damage of not only your car battery, but also the surfaces of your car.

5. During winter, a car battery is a subject to increased loads. Therefore, you are recommended to not use your car when the distance you need to cover is short. You are also recommended to not start the engine too often since it’ll reduce the service life of your car battery. You need to charge your car battery, no matter what car you have, before winter comes.

6. It’s forbidden to keep your car battery completely discharged. You need to charge it from time to time and prevent the case of total discharge. As for how often you need to charge your car battery, it depends on how often you use your car and actual operating conditions.

how to prolong car battery life

7. If your car won’t be used for quite a long time, you’d better disconnect car battery and take it out of your car. Still, you’ll need to charge your car battery once per 2-3 months. During winter, you’re recommended to keep a car battery in a warm room. The temperature of the room where you keep the car battery that you had taken out of your car should amount to up to 30 degrees above zero. Remember that if the temperature in the place you keep your battery is below zero, it may have a negative impact on the battery itself.

The thing is that even modern car batteries that are said to not require any maintenance need to be paid attention to and maintained from time to time properly. If you do what’s necessary to do, it serves as a guarantee that your car battery’s service life will be long and you won’t have any problems when driving your car.

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  1. I was told this year that I need to replace my car battery with a new battery. I got upset but did it anyway. I brought my old car battery to a private automobile workshop in order to test it. As a result, I was told that the car battery functions properly and there is no need to replace it with a new one. I got back to the car service center where had my car battery replaced. The assistants there told me that they have modern computer hardware that allows to say whether a car battery is going to “die” once the weather gets cold. I have the following question: shouldn’t they have replaced it on a warranty once it got cold?

  2. Can’t you take your battery in and get it tested for free? Winter is right around the corner and I’m afraid that my battery is going to give out because of the cold. I’ll have to consider your tips so I can keep my battery going when I need it to.

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