How Much Does A Car Battery Weight

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When exactly does the weight of a car battery matter? You are right, it matters if and when we need to take it out and install. Besides, it matters if you need to bring it somewhere. Do you know how much a car battery weigh? Today, we’ll find an answer for this question. Apart from it, we’ll speak about the size of car batteries. This characteristic of a car battery is very important when you’re choosing a new car battery. That’s why you need to know as much as possible about it.

How Much Does The Average Car Battery Weight

how much a car battery weight

When choosing a car battery, the most important characteristics that are taken into account are capacity, size, polarity and starting current. As for the weight of a car battery, it has no influence on your final choice. However, it’s necessary to know how much your car battery weighs since you may need it in some cases. For example, there may be a need to take your car battery out if you want to update the engine of your car. In this case, the weight of a car battery will help to calculate the load on the construction elements of your car and choose the corresponding retainers.

You may, as well, need to bring your car battery somewhere. If the place you need to bring it to is located quite far, you can see what you should have to transport your car battery. Of course, its weight is the most important characteristic here. Finally, it’s good to know the weight of your car battery just from the point of view of your general intelligence level. Where do you find information about the weight of your car battery?

How to Know the Weight of a Car Battery

In the majority of cases, the weight is written on the sticker you can find on your car battery. If you want to check whether the value written is correct, you may weigh it yourself on the scales. You need to also consider the fact that the weight written on the sticker is the weight of dry-charged car battery. The electrolyte is not taken into account. The model and manufacturer of a car battery play the key role when it comes down to its weight. The models that have higher capacity require more plates and electrolyte. Consequently, the weight of such like batteries increases.

  • Table of the Weight of Car Batteries Depending on the Capacity and Availability of Electrolyte
  • For instance, a battery of passenger vehicles and small commercial transport weighs from 26 to 44 lbs (12 to 20 kg). The batteries manufactured for load-carrying vehicles weighs from 44 to 99 lbs (20 to 45 kg). Here we are talking about lead acid batteries. As for alkaline batteries, the weight is calculated in accordance with a special table and is based on the characteristics of each specific model.

    How Much Does A Standard Car Battery Weigh

    Standart Car Battery Weight

    The overall dimensions of a car battery, unlike the weight, should necessarily be taken into account when buying a new car battery. The size of a car battery depends on its main characteristics: capacity and starting current. The more are the values of these characteristics, the more electrodes are required and the more is the volume of the electrode. Consequently, the more is a car battery’s shell. You, probably, noticed that car batteries manufactured for load-carrying vehicles that have big capacity values are bigger than the ones manufactured for passenger vehicles.

    The easiest way to buy the battery you need is to choose the battery that has the same size and characteristics as you’re the car battery you used previously. In order for you to have a better understanding on the sizes of car batteries we’ll describe the main standard sizes that are available on today’s market.

    Car Battery How Much Weight

    European standard size. The batteries of this size can be used on cars that are manufactured in Europe. You can say, right away, if a battery is a European standard size battery since the leads of such like batteries are sunken in the cap of the car battery.

    Asian standard size. Such like batteries look, significantly, different from the European standard size batteries. Besides, the size itself differs a lot. The battery leads of such like car batteries are located on the same level as the surface of the cap. The shell is higher but not so long. Pay attention to the fact that the majority of cars manufactured by Asian manufacturers have such like car batteries. Apart from the differences in size, these batteries are held fixed under the hood of a car in a different way. The European standard size car batteries are held fixed with the help of the lug that you can find down on the shell of a battery. Asian standard size car batteries are pressed over with the cleat using screw-type terminals. That’s why when buying a new car battery you choose the one that has the same size as the one you used previously. Otherwise, you may have problems when installing a new car battery.

    American standard size. Such like batteries have almost the same size as the European car batteries. Yet, there is a difference. The leads of American car batteries are side leads that are located on the longest side of a car battery. They have internal thread. You connect the battery terminals to them using screws.

    The Table Shows How the Weight of a Car Battery Depends on the Capacity and Availability the Electrolyte

    how to weight a car battery

    The Popular Video About How Much Does A Car Battery Weight

    Now you have a better understanding how much does an average car battery weigh. This knowledge will be useful when choosing a new car battery for your car. You can forget about the weight of a car battery when choosing one. Still, you should always take into account the size of a battery. If you forget about it, you may have problems later on, when installing a car battery under the hood of your car. If you have questions or additional information on the topic, write them in your comments.


      1. Bob was answering Ricardo’s question. 17kg is 37.48lb. Here is 2 tricks,
        1) 1lb = 2.2kg. 1kg=.455lb
        2) You’re on the internet, use Google.

    1. After looking at the statistics in this article I realize that my car requires an unusually heavy battery. The car is a Ford Crown Victoria with the 4.6 V-8 engine and the new Delco battery I just got for it weighs 72 pounds.
      Not a very convenient weight to hoist under the hood of a car. This is the correct battery for this vehicle so
      that should be plenty of cranking power.

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