How To Disconnect A Car Battery Safely?

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The first thing you need to do is to turn off the power supply unit that provides the devices and equipment of your car with electricity.

How To Unplug A Car Battery?

  1. Switch off the ignition. Check if all the devices in your car are turned off (the headlamps, the air conditioner, the car audio system, the car’s compartment lighting etc.). All the doors and windows should be closed.

how to disconnect car battery safely

2. Take the ignition key out of the ignition lock and keep it at hand since you may need it. The fact is that the doors may close automatically. In some cars, the doors are automatically closed once the ignition is turned off and the ignition key is taken out of the ignition lock.

Once the power supply unit is off, you can start taking out a car’s battery. It is held fixed under the hood of your car with the help of a special retainer.

How To Disconnect A Car Battery Safely

  • 1. Once the power supply unit of your car is off, you can get to taking your car’s battery out. Since it is held fixed with the help of a special retainer, you will, definitely, need two spanner wrenches. One should be 10 mm and the other one should be 13 mm. Open the hood of your car and take the battery terminals off the battery. You should do it the following way: at first, you take off the negative terminal (there may be drawn a “minus”) and, only after that, you take off the positive terminal (“plus”). It is necessary to follow this rule in both cases: whether you’re dealing with fuel-injected engine or carbureted engine. If you take the positive terminal first and, accidentally, let it touch any area of your car’s body, a case of short circuit will occur. Short circuit may lead to fire. In order to keep yourself safe and the car undamaged, you need to start with taking off the negative battery terminal. If, while taking the battery terminals off, you notice that they are sparking, it means that some devices of your car are not turned off (the car’s compartment lighting etc.)

how to safely disconnect car battery

  • 2. Finally, you take the car’s battery out using the spanner wrenches. You need to unscrew the retaining nut using the spanner wrenches. You need to take your car’s battery out carefully since even the slightest hit can damage the integrity of the device and result in the electrolyte leakage. You need to remember that such like damage may, as well, be dangerous for your health. If the acid gets on your clothes or those parts of your body that are not covered by anything, you need to, necessarily treat these areas with the ordinary edible soda solution.

How To Disconnect A Car Battery Video

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  1. If I disconnect the wrong wire first, will I be electrocuted? How important it is to follow the sequence of connecting the wires?

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