How to Replace (to Change) a Car Battery

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How to Replace a Car Battery? Step-by-step Instruction

how to change a car battery

In this article, we are going to tell you about how to successfully replace a car battery. We are going to tell you what you’ll need to replace a car battery and provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to carry the process of replacing a car battery out.

how to change a car battery

If you aren’t sure that your car battery should be replaced, we recommend you reading an article on how to test a car battery. This way you’ll find out whether your car battery definitely needs to be replaced.

The Process of a Car Battery Replacement Involves the Following Stages:
1. Buying a new car battery and getting all the necessary tools ready.
2. Disconnecting the car battery you’re using at the moment and taking it out of your car.
3. Installing a new car battery in your car.

We hope that once you read through this article you won’t have any questions left and you’ll manage to successfully replace your car battery. Let’s get straight to the point.

1. The Preparatory Stage for Changing a Car Battery

how to change a car battery

If you see that there is a need to replace your car battery, the first thing you need to do is to buy a new car battery. If you need to get more information about what things you should pay special attention to when buying a new car battery, you may read the following article: “how to choose a car battery and what car battery to choose for your car?” In this article, we’ll only provide you with the main points concerning the matter:

– You don’t necessarily have to buy a new car battery of the same manufacturer that produced the car battery you are using at the moment. You can choose any other manufacturer that you like and trust;

– You need to pay attention to a new car battery’s production date. Since you can’t check that all the storage conditions under which new car batteries are to be storage were followed, you’d better buy a car battery that’s not more than 4 months old. If you want to save some money and buy an already used car battery, you’d better test it before you buy it (you can read more about the testing of a car battery in the following article: )

– We recommend you choosing a new car battery that has the same features as the one you’re using at present. Of course, it’s all up to you here. However, if you want to be sure that there won’t occur any unpleasant surprises concerning the work of your new car battery, you’d better not take any risks;

– Warranty. Some manufacturers provide their car batteries with warranty that’s valid for 5 years. You need to pay attention to the period during which the warranty for your car battery is valid if it’s important for you.

You’ve bought a new car battery. Let’s now talk about the tools you’ll need to replace a car battery.
how to change a car battery
1. Spanner that suits the size of your battery terminals (most often, you need to take a spanner from 8 to 13 mm)
2. Rubber gloves. If there is corrosion on your battery terminals or there is electrolyte that leaked out of your car battery, you’re going to need rubber gloves.
3. Metal fiber brush or sandpaper to clean the corrosion off your battery terminals.
4. A duster or any other pieces of cloth that you don’t need anymore. You’ll need to have something to clean your old car battery off dust, dirt and corrosion.
5. Battery terminals protect aerosol or any other aerosol that you can use as an alternative. You’ll need to cover car battery terminals using it.

Stage 2. Disconnecting Your Old Car Battery.

In order to disconnect your old car battery, you need to open the hood of your car. (Most often, there is a hood release lever or a certain button in your car)

Before you start disconnecting your old car battery, you need to turn all the devices that consume energy off, switch the engine off and take out the ignition key.

how to replace a car battery
If you’re replacing a car battery for the first time, the following trick may be useful for you: take a picture of your old car battery while it’s still connected to your car. This way you’ll be able to remember how a car battery was installed and to which side of it the black and red wires are connected.

Before taking your old car battery out, you need to examine it. The thing is that your old car battery may be damaged. There may be holes in it through which the electrolyte is leaking out. If it’s so, it may lead to a chemical burn. That’s why if you notice any kind of cracks on the surface of your old car battery or any other damages and holes through which the electrolyte leaks out, you need to put thick rubber gloves on your hands.

disconnect how to replace a car battery

In order to disconnect your old car battery, you need to unscrew and disconnect car battery terminals using a 10 mm spanner (or a different spanner that matches the size of your car battery terminals). You need to disconnect the negative car battery terminal (-) and then disconnect the positive car battery terminal (+). As a rule, the black wire is the negative one (-) and the red wire is the positive one (+). You need to disconnect the car battery terminals following the order provided. Otherwise, the case of short-circuit may occur. If you can’t disconnect the wire from a battery terminal right away, you need to simply shake it from one side to the other for some time. The thing is that a lead car battery terminal and the copper tip of a wire may stick to each other when a car battery is being used for a long time. That’s why you need to try a bit harder to disconnect them.

how to replace a car battery

Now, you can take your old car battery out of your car. As a rule, a car battery is kept on its place with the help of the clamping plate that’s fastened inside your car with the help of 2 battery bolts. In order to unscrew them, you’re going to need a spanner. Once the bolts are unscrewed, you can take off the clamping plate and take your old car battery out of your car.

Stage 3. Installing and Connecting a New Car Battery.

Before you start installing and connecting a new car battery to your car, you need to clean the dirt and corrosion of your car battery terminals. You can use either a piece of sandpaper or a metal fiber brush to do it. Besides, you need to cover the wires with water-repellent liquid.

clean terminals how to replace a car battery

You need to also check the shelf on to which a car battery is to be installed. You need to get rid of any dirt and other rubbish on it if there is any.

You need to install a new car battery and check that it’s located just the way the previous car battery did. Cover it with the clamping plate and screw the bolts up.

how to replace a car battery

Attention: you need to install a new car battery correctly. Make sure that the car battery is located so that you can connect the wires to their corresponding car battery terminals.

Connecting a New Car Battery to Your Car Following the Safety Rules

Connecting a new car battery following safety rules means that you should perform all the actions in the reverse sequence. In other words, you should connect the positive wire first and fasten it on the car battery. Check that it’s fastened well. After it, you can connect the negative wire – the black wire.

connecting how to replace a car battery

You see that the tip of the wire is hanging loosely? You can’t fasten it to the car battery? Well, this often happens if you mixed the positive and the negative wires or car battery terminals up. That’s why the car batteries of a car have different diameter. Of course, you may make a mistake and mix the car battery terminals up. However, even if it happens, you won’t manage to fasten the tips of the wires on to them.

how to replace a car battery

Now, you can cover the car battery terminals with a special aerosol that will protect them from corrosion and try starting the engine. If the new car battery you’ve connected is charged, you can drive somewhere you need right away.

Useful Video: How to Replace a Car Battery

Useful Video: How to Change a Car Battery

If you have any questions left or you can provide any valuable information as an addition to this article, you can leave us a reply below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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