How To Warm Up A Car Battery In Cold Weather

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When the weather is rather cold, the most common problem that many car owners face is connected with car battery. It may so happen that your battery suddenly loses its capacity. In other words, there is simply not enough electrical current to start the engine. As a rule, the problem is that your car battery has frozen. In order to tackle this problem, you need to warm your car battery up. Today, we’ll speak about how to warm your car battery up so that not to damage it.

keeping car battery warm in cold weather

1st Tip From Motor Vehicle Battery Manufacturers

The tip is provided either in the manual that you get together with your car or in the instruction that’s provided together with a car battery. If you see that there isn’t enough electrical current to start a cold engine, you need to take the car battery out of your car. In order to do it you need to disconnect battery terminals. Put the car battery in a warm place to warm up.

how to warm up car battery

Once the temperature of the battery becomes equal to the room temperature, you’re recommended to charge it using a charging device. Do not exceed the maximal rate of the charging current while doing it. You’ll have to warm your car battery up for at least 12 hours/ If a car battery is frozen very much, there may be several days needed to warm it up.

You are short of time? Then you need to read through the tips provided by experienced car owners. They are provided below.

keep car battery warm in winter

How To Warm Up A Car Battery Fast

Do it carefully. Do not use the method described very often.

The thing is that you don’t always have an opportunity to spend the whole day waiting for your car battery to warm up. You may have some things to do. As a rule, you also need your car to do them. Even though there aren’t ways to warm your car battery up within a blink of an eye, it’s possible to do it within several hours. The method implies that you’ll have to use warm water (not boiled!). You’ll also need a small container (a wash basin or a hawker’s tray). Alternatively, you may use your bathtub.

how to warm up a car battery

  • 1. You need to clean the surface of your car battery thoroughly beforehand so that to get rid of dirt, dust and grease marks. If you don’t do it, you’ll have to clean the container you’ll use or the bathtub later on.
  • 2. Pour water in the container you’re going to use and put your car battery in it. The battery should sunk completely. It is enough to have half of it sunk in the water.

Attention: Under no condition should water get on the battery terminals!

  • 3. If the container you’re using is quite small, you need to change water in it several times once it gets cold. It’ll take one or several hours more to warm your car battery up.
  • 4. Wipe the car battery dry and charge it using a charging device. If you don’t have time to do it, you may not charge the battery.
  • 5. Connect the car battery to your car and start the engine as you usually do.

how to warm a car battery

There are other ways to warm a car battery up. For example, you may put your car battery near the source of heat (a radiator) or use the air coming from a hairdryer to warm it up. Anyway, you need to remember that such like methods are only to be used in exceptional cases. The crux of the matter is if the electrolyte in your car battery gets frozen very often, it may lead to your car battery being out of order very soon.

How To Keep A Car Battery Warm In Winter

That’s why you’d better keep your car in a garage that’s provided with heat insulation or any other place that’s quite warm. Alternatively, you may take the care battery out of your car and bring it home for the night. In this case, you’ll also have an opportunity to charge it. What’s more important you won’t have problems with your car next morning.


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